Top 5 Green Cleaning Products

Top 5 Green Cleaning Products

With spring right around the corner, many people are anticipating a long held tradition to freshen and clean their houses.

With that comes the option of which cleaning products to use. Most people are oblivious of the risks involved with using cleaning products that are regular.

Buyer Beware:

The normal cleaning product, whether it is bleach, dish soap, air freshener, or an all purpose cleanser, contains chemicals that are harmful. The list continues.

That’s the reason why it is so very important to “go green”, even supposing it’s merely for the health’s sake.

National laws are now not in spot to compel producers to disclose all ingredients. However, many manufacturers do list some of their ingredients, and only a little research will show which ingredients cause harm.

Simply said, green products are products that do not contain toxins that are harmful to the environment or your health.

There is insufficient space here to list all the harmful substances that can be found in most cleaning products (even some of the so-called “green” varieties). By the way, some of the “green” cleaning products are not extremely green because of deficiency of guidelines that have yet to be demanded by the FDA.

I Have comprised a list of healthy products below to save yourself time.

I have spent a substantial amount of time researching products, trial and error, and have found a handful of high quality products that actually are green, and safe to use.

1. EcoSense product line by Melaleuca business. This line of products is sold by a private company (Melaleuca) and you WOn’t find these products in shops. It really is a business that ships directly to consumers. These are the highest quality products for the best cost.


3. J.R. Watkins – These products smell good and function well. They are able to be found in some shops, and again a little more pricey than your typical cleaning product, but you receive an immense return on your investment when you consider your health.

4. Seventh Generation Toilet Cleaner- Discovered in some health stores, thsee toilet cleansers have an ear their scent, but are some of the best choices for toilet cleaners because they lack toxins that are harmful.

5. Bon Ami – This is a scouring powder like comet. It’s made from egg shells and ashes and works excellent on cleaning jobs that were rougher. Baking soda can also be used as a scouring merchandise that was natural.

DIY – If you are considering making your own products, white distilled vinegar works best. A great all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, and sometimes even disinfectant when used correctly. Pour into your mop water and you’ve got a flooring cleaner that is healthful, successful. (Beware: there are varying opinions on using vinegar on wood or granite floorings.) When using vinegar, make wholesale cleaning supplies sure to cut the vinegar in half and all purpose cleanser, otherwise it will be too acidic to use in your surfaces. The scent is… well, pretty vinegary. But the odor dissipates as it dries.

You can always hire a green cleaning service to do your cleaning, if all of this is too much. Even in case you are from home while the cleaning is done, the chemicals resonate in the air and on the surfaces. Care should be taken to protect the health of your family and your health from these hazardous substances. Just changing your products could help you save a lot of money and headaches later on.